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 Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P

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PostSubject: Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P   Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 10:16 pm

Basic Character Information:

Tamotsu H. Senju

"The Perfect Light."
"The Perfect Silver Fox Devil Of The Mist."
"The Complete Demon."
"The Savior."



Senju Clan.

Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P GinIchimaru1

Tamotsu appears to have a permanent grin. Why? Maybe it was because of all the pleasure he recieved murdering his opponents and even his customers. Complimented by his short, silver hair and unseeable to the fact that his eyes are always closed, red shiny eyes. He usually wears white and black clothing such as kimonos and custom made outfits however what he mostlikely always wears is his black long cloak and white on the inside under another white cloak under his akatsuki cloak. Why? It's to hide his ninja tools and weapons. He carries his Sword in many positions and places.He likes to variate. Also, under the black cloak, he wears no under shit, but he wears black pants and black and white ninja shoes, around his neck you will see his white colored handband with the Kirigakure No Sato Symbol and a line going through it horizontinally.

Cold-Blooded and Cruel, Brutal and Cold-Hearted. The Opposite of what you would exprect from a Senju. Tamotsu is the shame of the Senju clan, while others of the clan would do the right thing. Tamotsu would lurk in the shadows and kill not only the people others try to save, but the people that tries to save them. Tamotsu, born a demon in the household of angels. His sadistic cruelty puts others to shame and terrorify most to suicide. It started in the past life of Tamotsu, he was pretty average, living in a small unheard of village near Iwagakure No Sato away from the drama his clan endured with the Uchiha in Konohagakure No Sato. Raised by his father and mother but sent away due to finiacial reasons. Tamotsu had no parents at a very young age, training with his father's best friend, Jikimaru. Jikimaru trained with Tamotsu on their trip to a unheard of place to Tamotsu, Kirigakure No Sato where his life changed.

However Their is a calm side to Tamotsu, as he watch his opponents bleed from his brutal attacks. He stops and stares at the beautiful moving color of dark red drip from their cold, lifeless bodies and that warms Tamotsu up. Why? Why do you ask? Why does that please Tamotsu? Because, Tamotsu puts others down to please himself. If you do not abide by his rules he will put you down. Tamotsu is a killer, and he looks for, hopes for, and wishes for disobediance from his opponents so he can put them down like inable dogs. Otherwise, if they listen he has no reason to Kill them. He is sadistic, not arrogant or ignorant either. Sometimes he is calm and serious, he plays around and act as a normal person from time to time. he enjoys few people, he dislikes crowds, and ignorance. He is easy to get along with aswell. However, he gets confused quite easily, he is apathetic most of the time aside from the evil he gets from fighting. He is quiet aswell.

Basic Clan Information:

Clan Name:
Senju Clan.

Kekkei Genkai:
-Elemental Or Release Mastery of Choice and Skill of Choice.(Ex: Wood Release/Water Element Mastery/Enhanced Super Strength.)

Tamotsu's abilities are Enhanced Superhuman Reflexes to match the quality of Tsunade's enhanced superhuman strength. Tamotsu's Senses such as Awareness enhances. He has mastered these abilities to the point of an expert which is why he has never gotten injured, harmed or killed in battle because his reaction time is tremendous.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:
Senju Clan History

Canon Clan/No Link Needed.

Rank Information:

Akatsuki/Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist Leader.

Kirigakure No Sato

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:
-Primary: Ninjutsu

-Secondary: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Water, Wind.

Special Characteristics:
Eyes Closed Most of the time, Short Silver Hair, Red Eyes.




"Swift Silver Fox"
Tamotsu, gradually combines his Kekkei Genkai Abilities with his Weaponry Skills at handling and manuevering much better with a sword in his hands. He would combine the swiftness and speed of the Wind element with his Chakra and release that chakra through movement. As he moves he release an aura of wind chakra that surrounds his body making him swifter, lighter and faster when swinging his sword. Infact, it goes so fast that he can strike harder and faster at an opponent. When his sword leaves his hands or even if it doesn't, the second effect still occurs. Tamotsu's reflexes are showned and used way more in this style because his evasive skills at close combat allows him to not even think about it. The wind chakra that surrounds his body moves for him including his own Kekkei Genkai of Superhuman Reflexes makes it even more harder to actually land a hit on Tamotsu.



Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P Shinso1_sm


Special Abilities:
Tamotsu's abilities he gains from weiling his sword is when he grips the sword, attacks he uses with his swords are much swifter of a normal swinger. It also fuses two of his element affinities to create Ice, that amplifies his kenjutsu to Water Kenjutsu, Wind and now Ice Kenjutsu along with brutal and swift attacks aswell. This sword is a blade Tamotsu stole from the Kirigakure Fobbiden weaponry vault during his attack on Kirigakure No Sato that night, The sword is said to hold many more abilities that Tamotsu hasn't unlocked as of yet. The sword will glow bright silver when he does unlock an ability and ontop of that, he would have to figure out what it is. The only abilities he unlocked from the sword was the combining of his Element Affinities which are Wind and Water which creates Ice and the "Swift Silver Fox" style. These are reasons why he was accepted into the Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist ofganization in the first place. Because he obtained the forbidden Blade in his grasp and he amazing "luck" of never being harmed in battle. They say you learn from pain, it seems that Tamotsu found another way to get educated.

Stolen from the Kirigakure No Sato Forbidden Weapon Vault During his Overnight Onslaught of the People and attempt on assasination of the Kage.

History and RP Sample:

Born in a small town near Iwagakure. First child of Former ANBU Captain, Kotoamatsukami and Former Jounin, Amenominakaushi. He was the first child and the first male aswell, giving him the name of the shinto religion's kami, Hikaru. Hikaru, During the time, the small family was poor with no connections to either side of the family's clan. The parents were looking for one solution and that was to either send the young boy off to a far away village or keep him as the rot in their own filth due to the lack of physical health because of the poverty. But before, unlike some parents who send their children off not knowing who they parents are, they waited until Hikaru was old enough to talk and understand, training him and speaking with him about life and such. The great stories His father told him of the Senju clan and it's members. It was lovely and amazing to the perspective of young Hikaru. However the stories his mother told were stories of evil and demonic, saddening stories that converted the kind little Hikaru into a hateful person. A person that despises all and every person in the world yet is glad to be on this earth so he can kill them all. He was young and foolish and such raging emotions that night spiraling in his mind and heart uncontrollably activated his evil and cruelty at age of four.

At age five, he unfortunately was sent off to a place called Kirigakure before threatening his mother to change his name to something Better that he likes, Something more perfect and thus he chose the name, Tamotsu. on the road to Kirigakure no Sato. The man who he traveled with was a former friend of Tamotsu's father, Kotoamatsukami, an ANBU Squad member. Jikimaru at the time learned a hidden language, one that was known as the hidden language at the time to the Iwagakure ANBU Division so they can speak without anyone knowing what they are saying, like code. During their long travel, they trained and learned the language accordingly on their trip to a new and great land known as Kirigakure No Sato. They met many new people, had lots of fun however, Jikimaru told the young boy, stories, stories in which were worser than what his mother explained. Jikimaru tried to drill life into a young boys mind that screwed him up into haing him make decisions at a very young age. He shouldn't be over thinking at such a young age that stress him out. He needed to be saved from the world and no one will save him, so he decided to save himself from these people. However, he made that decision secretively because now, he plans on gaining more power to do it on his own. He continued his training and had fun as planned, turning the frights from the sad stories, the pain of people's deaths and the unfairness of the world into pleasure.

They preformed the training concept known as the Run and Fight type of training which consists of running and fighting the whole way to their destination. In which it challenged his brain because he could only communicate through the hidden language and use custom made jutsu. It took them three years to make it from a small town near Iwagakure no Sato to Kirigakure No sato. Why? because at the time, the boy was only five years old, he would obviously get lost if it wasn't for him training with a ANBU Black ops member the whole way, all he had to do was follow him. Training the five your old for three years straight. Once they reached the Gates of Kirigakure no Sato, Tamotsu's new life started. However, Tamotsu was so damn tired it wasn't even a tiny bit funny since he passed out for a full two weeks. Jikimaru spoke with the mizukage to allow this child to live in his land and he can do as he pleases with him, use him as a secret weapon like his father intended for him to do. Jikimaru had many regrets but it was his job and he didn't want to get killed for it, neither did he want his family to get killed aswell. Jikimaru set up a meeting for Tamotsu and the Mizukage. He was to report to the Mizukage for a map of the village and live in a motel. Before the departure of Jikimaru, Jikimaru told Tamotsu something great in the hidden language which he currently named on his way to the village with Tamotsu known as Furenchi. What Jikimaru told him was, "Soyez le Meilleur que vous pouvez Etre. Personne ne peut vous arrĂȘter d'etre le meilleur que vous pouvez etre. Prenez ces mots dans la consideration et dominez le monde." and just like he said, Tamotsu took the words into consideration and left, walking in the village to start his new life.

-----New Life Begins...-----

He reported to the Mizukage in hopes of him being easy on him because he is new and he was surprisingly however that still didn't change the fact that he disliked people. After he reported to the Mizukage he went to the ninja academy, but stopped by the training grounds first. Training a bit before reaching the academy. Tamotsu encountered many children there, happy, playing and having fun while Tamotsu sat their, lonely, wondering why Jikimaru left him, he was like a father to him. Then he remembered that night, the night in which he made his decision. He walked up to the kids, and they acknowledged him by picking on Tamotsu and asking why does he have silver hair. Tamotsu didn't cry, he only grinned and gripped one of their arms, twisting it back to the point of hearing it crack three times and then attempted to rip it out the socket while the other children try to stop him, failing of course as he manuevered swiftly, swating them away like bugs. He frightened his classmates that day to the point where they run when they see him. The Birth of The Demon began that morning.

He excelled the chuunin exams in less than two years. Graduating and being the youngest ninja to graduate the academy of Kirigakure No Sato, mostly because every one knew him of his brutality and disquilified themselves which displeased Tamotsu to enormous amounts of levels, he then begin to take notes of everyone that caught his eyes and invited chuunin to battle while killing his former genin opponents at night because they refused to fight for their life when they had the chance . As a Genin however, he took lead along with his jounin of the two genin who was also his squad members. Completing missions easily, the Kage took notice to the young ninja but didn't acknowledge him or the situation yet. During his time as a genin he trained himself and his squadmates.

During the Chuunin Exams he was quickly promoted to Chuunin due to outstanding preformance, which is the reason the officials gave him but in reality, his opponents flee when he came because they knew what he could do and became a Chuunin. Afterwards he was selected to be the youngest and lowest ranked ninja in the ANBU at the time. He was also the most outstanding, matching the skills of Jounin ANBU captains with alot of experience. Being only twelve years old and an ANBU Chuunin he was used with Anbu to protect the Hokage at all times. Officially he didn't have to take Jounin exams of any kind and was promoted the rank of Jounin due to his great prefomance as a talented and skilled Ninja.

Now, Tamotsu works for the Mizukage as a undercover Jounin with Kirigakure no Sato, Code named "ShiNaito" but within the village he goes by the name Tsuki'kai Yoru. which is what he tells everyone. Tamotsu now searches for a purpose in life, searches for a reason and a place to be. He never found what he was looking for in Kirigakure. He was lost in the fog of ever finding what he needed, he searched far and wide for a solution but ended up with nothing, but he had a feeling that his Solution was beyond the walls of Kirigakure No Sato. The built up questions and anger was taken out on a midnight slaughter on the very people who feared and respected him, even the Kage itself was attacked that very same night, making him a S-Ranked Criminal when the Kage got alert of the attacks and tried to retaliate but Tamotsu escaped. So he emerged from Kirigakure No Sato, making him an official missing ninja from the mist village as he searched for an answer. He was lost, but he was found when an Akatsuki Apprentice attacked Tamotsu, Satoshi quickly made haste of the akatsuki apprentice. Before he could kill the akatsuki member, the akatsuki member pleaded for his life and said he will take him to the akatsuki base. Tamotsu was intrigued about what the akatsuki apprentice said to how and gave him information about it, suggesting that Tamotsu join it so they don't attack him anymore. Tamotsu agreed to it and it started a new life for him

Rp Sample:
Kagura appeared in the bamboo forest of Kusagakure no sato. Amazing how the beautiful scenery displayed itself around the ever so loving of nature and all things beautiful and related to the life bringing substance of plants, earth and water. How touching and wonderful it was, breath taking how the birds sang their never changing songs. Chirps here and there, crickets and insects all around. The life inside these nice things made Kagura's heart blossem with joy. However, Sadly Kagura came here on a mission, the sound of the grass growing however cheered Kaura up from his sudden depressing mood. Kagura might pass away today and only Master Koroshiya, Father Time and Mother Nature knows about this, if they are on his side he has no worries.

This is a test of not only focus but endurance. To see how long can Kagura keep the balance between his evil and good self, his yin and yang without going completely insane as his yin and yang collide into an epic battle of who will take over a not. Concentration and focus is what's on Kagura's mind and he is somewhat confident but completely determined. BAM!, a switch went off in the head of Kagura as he snapped, putting pressure into his head that he can do this easily. No matter what, he will not lose to Akujin. Kagura then clapped his hands and laced his fingers with each other in a prayer style, closing his eyes as he thought, 'All evil has a good, and all good has an evil. I understand that I can never destroy my good or evil, so ridding myself of it by concentrating that negative energy though my Chi and Chakra is the best and most resonable way. That way, as I cleanse my body of all evil, then I can live peacefully like my father and uncle. Soon, all this evil will be contained in another's body and so I can continue with my goal. I understand that this sound completely and utterly selfish Mother Nature and Father time, but you must understand. That I reject desire until I found a calling, in which protecting what I love is the only desire I truly wish to have, and so, I hope I am able to do this, If not. I will find a pupil, a child to follow in the footsteps of I. Hopefully I can be like Master Koroshiya and become one with you both because that is my only true dream. I believe I can never truly kill someone but restrain them from ever harming another person, plant, insect or animal ever again. Public use for human waste disposal other than animals is totally uncalled for, disrespectful to the very same substance that you live upon. Nature only brings life and sometimes when it gets angry from all the bullshit it takes to withstand all of these ignorant people's shit it creates natural disaters, and I sit back and feel proud of nature finally taking revenge into their own hands. Only Father time can tell when all things can happen so I beg of you to please hold your tongue about the situation and the result of my goal as of now. Live in peace, judge without emotion, stay guiding me to the right path, I thank you mother nature and father time for this discussion and of course grandfather Koroshiya.'

Kagura openned his eyes and unlaced his fingers, placing his arms back to his sides as he then sat down in the center of the wonderful place. He got into the position of meditation with his legs folded and eyes closed, arms out and ears open as he takes a few deep breathes to soothe his mind. He blocked out all sounds unrelating to nature as he started to radiate his chakra and chi, pouring and fusing within his body as he entered his meditation zone. Only a few seconds before he began priestial spells and rituals to rid himself of evil. If he isn't strong enough to withstand the massive amount of energy, insanity and pain he will be placed with. He will die for sure. "It's time!" He said loudly within his meditation zone and starting harnesting his Chi and Chakra, chanting spells of outrageous caliber. Actually fusing a couple of spells to chant his own custom made spells. Creating Symbols on the white floor.(Actually it was unspecified that it even was a floor, it's just a never-ending rainbow colored all around except underneath. The zone only changes to completely black when Akujin arrives.) As Kagura glided so swiftly around the Zone, making progress so well, his skin started to peel off and his eyes slowly turned completely crimson with a glow. This meant that Akujin was taking over his conscience, getting into his mind and on the outside would alter his personality, judgement and actions. Kagura knew he was getting his out as he then jammed his staff into the ground. He chanted a few more spells and while he did so, an Aura leaked out of his mouth and into the air. A light flashed an a explosion knocking Kagura back. So much intense pain rushed though his body along with the wave upon wave of evil energy, much like the force of Akujin was being pushed out of his body through his mouth and into the air. Surprisingly the insanity didn't come with. It's like Akujin wanted to leave which isn't an issue for Kagura. For over twenty minutes have passed and Kagura was just about to break and just give up but the pain stopped and the never-ending room was not filled, but surprisingly the aura engulfed a large portion of the never-ending room as if the aura will never end now. Kagura was blessed as a light shined on him, and he returned to normal, The aura of Akujin was absorbed into the staff of Kagura which didn't take much long. Kagura walked over to his staff and grabbed with relief that he didn't pass away. Ridding himself of Akujin is jsut the stepping stone to success in his goal. Kagura then was extracted from his zone as soon as he tapped the bottom of his staff on the floor three times. 'Mother and Father, it was alot more difficult than I thought. My evil side is.....I mean was alot more stronger than I thought. The poor child that will inhabit this bundle of sinister energy will have a horrible life if they do not know how to get rid of it. Now my head is clear from foolish thoughts and battle will be more easy for me, I thank you Mother and Father, Master Koroshiya I hope you bless me and keep blessing me with your guidance.'

Kagura said as he than smiled opened his eyes. He looked up with victory written all across his smile as he than looked at his staff which was glowing red and he smirked. He than stood up and bowed his head at the bamboo forest. Taking his leave.

Before all of Which Happened-----

"What a day, what a Day. The sun shines brightly over the Horizon as the sun rises slowly, second by second over the large hill within the Hoshigakure no Sato plains. Sun is a part of nature, it brings life and warmth to the once forzen earth and thus brought upon life. As you can see, nature is all around us, from the animals that lurk around the forest, to the grass your feet brush past. Nature breeds life to all creatures and the ignorant and clueless people who can think properly treats their home with such direspect. Complete shame on them for the sin they commit without any regards. Now, they get upset when nature takes it's course and gets revenge. Having mother nature feel shame on herself for getting what's coming to them. She has to lower her standards because the only the many people and creatures live on her treat her so wrong. So BADLY!......But, only father time has the say so in which he knows when justice will be served or mother nature will fall. I myself work to the fullest, to expand my power and knowledge no matter the difficulties I endure because I want better for the children of tomorrow. Just because we act selfish, foolish and cruel to the home we live in, doesn't make it fair for those in the future who either have to live in harsh conditions during their lifetime, clean up the mess the past created. Never get to see or witness the earth's most beautiful and magical places because of the stupidity the world place on themselves. Well I say if one person can make a damn difference, It will be me by a longshot. Even if I have to sacrifice my being to make sure my mother, mother nature that is, is safe, secure and happy to live on for how many other years to bring happiness, peace and love to the world. To the evil that dwells within the minds of humans. For the stupidity that lurks in the thoughts of man. Nature is a energy, a source and that force is one to be reckoned with because once it's on the rampage. Nothing can stop mother nature's fury and I sit back in my rocking chair with a huge grin on my face, applauding mother nature for not taking anymore shit from the human race. She was here first and you come here, destroying her slowly and for what? giving you life? giving you food? gold? oil? oxygen to live. FUCK the human race and all that oppose me and my goals, FUCK all that do not wish nature the best. FUCK all of you who don't follow in my footsteps because I will kill you. Each and every one of you one by one. I will have the very earth you stand on be your worst enemy when I unlock my full power. My full potiential. I AM the son of Mother Nature and Father Time. I AM Nature's Blessing. I am a Tenshinchigi, A god of Heaven and Earth and I see to it that this god will kill all you damn demons!! Kagura stated, no Kagura preached, he spoke to himself, to Nature and self encouraged himself and put down all the people that ever commited sin to the earth and plans on keep doing it because if you have no respect for nature. The place you live on, you have to right to stay here and you are a demon in Kagura's book. SO BEGONE demon, for Kagura plans on ridding everyone that does anything to harm his 'Parents'.
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Tamotsu H. Senju W.I.P
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