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 Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP

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PostSubject: Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP   Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP Icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 6:44 pm

Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP 15s3t5k
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What would happen to you if everything in your body is pure sugar and spice and everything nice, when suddenly your body consumed with evil and hatred and all you could say is: "I'm falling from grace..."

What would happen to you if every fiber in your body was pure hate and anger and infinitesimally your body changed sides you want to help people and your tired of death. All you can say to yourself is: "I'm falling from grace..."

Grace, what is it?
Is it your soul's prerogative?
Or your bodies moral standing?

If your body is evil...
Does that mean Grace is evil?
If your body is good,
Does that mean that Grace is good?

How does one fall from grace if...
Grace is what your body stands for.

Does reinforcement of what your Grace is,
cause you to fall from grace when you realize all is wrong?

All I can say is...
"Will you fall with me?"

What if suddenly your power increased. Your senses were heightened yet once you achieved this you started falling from grace. What is your new future? What is your destiny/fate?

Here, at FallingFromGrace, you pick your own future, you choose your destiny. Can you rise to the top, can you show your friends, your family and more importantly your kage, that you are not a weakling, that you are not

Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP 28k1umh
(Link is Picture)

Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP Kakasigg
Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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Are You "Falling From Grace" Naruto RP
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