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PostSubject: Character Claim   Character Claim Icon_minitimeSun Jun 20, 2010 4:58 pm

When applying for a canon character just post here and ask to RP as them on this site and Provide a RP Sample of that specific character.

I Claim Sasuke.

RP Sample :Sasuke decided that it would be
time he struck the Leaf Village and would Kill the one named Danzo, so
he would infiltrate it quickly and with stealth. He sent in some hired
ninja to plant explosives throughout the Leaf Village in spots that held
some relevance of importance. He held the detonater and stood from the
top of the Leaf Villages wall. He wore a large black cloak that
concealed his identity and a straw hat like Itachi's.

His hand
was still and firm as he held the device, he looked around and clicked
the button. Time seemed to stop for a very long moment, People in the
village would regret the day they discriminated the Uchiha. A loud
beeping noise went off and then large explosions, nine explosions
exactly detonated and caused buildings to explode and nearby buildings
to catch flame. Sasuke smirked and raised his arms to his sides for a
short moment and started laughing. "Hahahahahahaha!" he laughed aloud
cackling at the carnage.

He decided he would give them a minute
to figure things out and would pick off any stragglers that got near
Sasuke. He was fully rested and ready to battle anybody, with his new
found powers he was nearly invincible to anyone in this village. The
Wind began to pick up and made the fire grow larger eventually turning
into something of a fire storm, smoke filled the skies. And the sounds
of laughter flowed through the air.
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Character Claim
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