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 Akira Uchiha

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PostSubject: Akira Uchiha   Akira Uchiha Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2012 4:21 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Akira Uchiha
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Clan: Uchiha

Looks: Akira Uchiha Sasuke_road_to_ninja_by_itachis999-d5cwmpp

Personality: Akira is a very gentle soul, who does the right thing whenever he was able; even taking time out of his day to help others. He never wanted much out of life, all that he wished for was to be a hero. His drive made him very eager to jump into action at all times, anytime he could be the hero he dreamed of being he would take the opportunity, but more than anything he wanted to be the hero of a very special person to him. Always Akira had attempted to win her affection, though it seemed hopeless to everyone around him, and she had shown no affection towards him; Akira did not give up hope that one day she may turn to him. Despite all the kindness he showed to people, he rarely had it returned to him, perhaps it was just the wrong people, or perhaps they didn't understand why Akira went so far out of his way to help another person. Akira has shown overtime that he is a little mature for his age, always polite and mannered at gatherings. As time went on, things became more hopeless for his goals, as he was not the most skilled ninja, but his hope kept him going. Akira had an indomitable will to survive, which led to the success of a few missions.

Basic Clan Information:

Clan Name: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
Clan Symbol: Fan
Clan History:

Rank Information:

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Leaf

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Jikūkan Ninjutsu/Doujutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire/Lightning
Special Characteristics:




Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:
History: [Please Put History into Arcs: Academy Student Genin Etc.]

Rp Sample:
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Akira Uchiha
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